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16. January 2010

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Happy Christmas and New Year!

24. December 2009

Dear friends,

My Xmas tour is happily over. The concert in Seinäjoki was a great success and it was just wonderful to sing in the famous church of Lakeuden risti, which is designed by Alvar Aalto. The acoustics in that church is amazing. I felt like singing in a huge cathedral.



People seemed to be happy to receive us there and we saw that many music lovers attended the event. It was sad though to end the successful tour with Kalevi, Marzi and Markku, but I am sure we will be working together pretty soon again. I wish them all best of luck for their new challenges. I also want to thank for the great collaboration once again. It was fantastic opportunity to sing with you guys!

Day after Seinäjoki my journey took me to freezing Moscow.

IMG_4897 IMG_4900

I had two days of rehearsals with the orchestra Globalis and conductor Anton Shaburov.


It was great to see how enthusiastic the players were to play my songs. I was truly surprised by their attitude and talent.

The venue was not exactly what I had in my mind for an Xmas concert with an orchestra, but the local promoters wanted to make the show there. I discovered that not many people were aware that I was going to perform an Xmas concert program!!

I still hope people were happily surprised by my concert.





The night itself was an amazing experience for me personally, since is always beautiful to sing in front of an orchestra and the audience was just overwhelmingly warm to us. So many smiles and happy faces!

Thank you once again Russia for a great support and love. As I promised, I will be back very soon with my new album and band.

Thanks Tommi for the gorgeous lights and Pete for the crystal clear sound! Here we stopped at the Kremlin after the concert and few glasses of red wine ;)


Now there is no time to waste; even a day, since I am going to be working hard with the new songs for “What lies beneath”. Next time I’ll write about how things are going with the album pre-production. Exciting times ahead of us! :)

I wish you all happy Christmas and a great ending for this year. Thank you for being there for me.

With all my love,


Greetings from real winter wonderland Finland!

15. December 2009

Candles and Christmas lights are creating a nice and warm atmosphere here, even though the temperature outside is rough -20° at the moment.

We have seen a beautiful winter sun in these last days only for few hours per day, so the darkness has faded away. It has been just wonderful to watch the sunlight in the trees covered by snow.


The Christmas tour has went really well so far and I have performed with Kalevi, Marzi and Markku already 6 successful Christmas concerts.

Has been a real pleasure to make music together with these brilliant and supportive musicians.


The churches have been so FULL! Somebody said I made history in Haapajärvi church few days ago, since there has never been such amount of people in their church before. The audience was sitting on the floor…unbelievable. I am honoured to be able to perform to such a wonderful audience in my home country still today.






Between my own Christmas concerts, I took part of two charity concerts in Helsinki. The last of these concerts is going to be broadcasted by YLE TV 2 on 25th of December in Finland. It was a nice evening with other Finnish artists and for our pleasure; the President Tarja Halonen delighted us with Her presence.

There is only 1 concert left to perform in Finland on this Finnish Xmas tour, but the tour won’t be over by then.

I will fly to Moscow the day after Seinäjoki concert to perform with an orchestra another kind of Christmas concert. The program of the concert will be … different ;)

I am very happy to return to Russia and to feel how cold it might be there…

One more thing; on my only day off in the last weeks, I went to Petrax Studios in Hollola, Finland to record vocals for one new song.

A song that you might hear pretty soon… it’s not for my album though, but a duet for one very famous and beloved band. Just to give you a clue…

I will leave the announcement for the band to make. I love to keep secrets from you!

See you next time in Seinäjoki!

With love, Tarja

Thank you Winter Storm!

21. October 2009

The long touring and the promotion for the debut album are over. Has been amazing to sing for you all. Magnificent tours, beautiful places, caring and helpful people, great opportunities, many memories.

I will never ever forget this excellent beginning for my solo career. I am so happy to realize my dreams.

Let me go back and tell you about the last days of the final tour.

Like one year ago, my show in Sofia was a great success. It is very hard for me still to understand how on earth it is possible to have such an amazing audience in Bulgaria! The venue was once again totally crowded with singing and cheering people. All having big smiles on their faces during the whole concert. The band was SO happy and oh gosh, it was a thrill. One of the best audiences in the world, for sure :)   

IMG 4476IMG 0282  

How funny it was to travel from summer and being in the beach, to fall and few hours later to have already snow all over the place…

IMG 0244IMG 0305

The summer was definitely left behind and cold weather waited for us when we arrived to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Local people told us though that only few days earlier it was still enough warm to swim in the ocean…it was VERY hard to believe that. It was damn cold.

I didn’t remember the venue until I went there and saw that it was going to be an open-air concert….with only few degrees above 0°!!!!!

Everybody in the band needed to prepare himself well for the cold air, but who was freezing the most, was Mike. Having shorts on…his hands got so frozen that he needed to have a blow dryer to warm them while he was playing! Can you imagine that? A blow dryer? Poor Mike.

I was having fun though, despite of the cold air. People seemed to be totally frozen as well, even though I tried my best to make them move.

Anyway, it was a nice return to Slovenia. I honestly didn’t remember how beautiful the city of Ljubljana really is.

IMG 4503 

Czech audience has always accepted me well. This time was no difference. It was just a dream come true again. The venue was packed and we had a lot of fun performing.

For my surprise I received a gold award from the sales of My Winter Storm in Czech Republic and it was given to me during my show. It was very touching moment. I am truly proud and happy with my relation with Czech people. Thank you very much for the support. 

I got a chance to visit famous Bruges on the day of the show in Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium. I took a train from Aalst to Bruges and enjoyed the day drinking hot chocolate and taking wonderful pictures. The city of Bruges is unreal, with its old houses and colourful little boutiques. I enjoyed the visit very much.

IMG 4563

I am always happy to return to MFV festival. There are many lovely people around. I got an honour to perform with lady Doro Pesch two songs and we did well together. This time it was a bigger pleasure, since we had performed those songs already once before long ago, it was easier to enjoy the music now. People received us very well. Once again I got totally surprised by the new MFV award that I was given during my set. Fans had voted me in a category of “the best and the most beautiful voice”. I was so overwhelmed by this, that I forgot completely the lyrics for the next song I needed to sing…hehe.

I want to thank everybody at the festival for this honour, for the love and support.

The last show for the tour was in London. Everybody in the band was excited about this particular show.

IMG 4620

Feelings were mixed, with lots of happiness but sadness as well. I saw that people in the band were very quiet before the last show and it showed me that we had done well.

The show was amazing ending for the tour. Oliver had his birthday again and received a cake from us. I guess it was a tasty one, since I saw only bits and pieces of it after the show… 

We had to share some tears when everything was finally over. I was very, very happy, but on the other hand very sad, since I am really going to miss all this.  I am missing my band already! Sounds silly, but it’s all true.

Touring with My Winter Storm was just amazing, beautiful experience for me. I have been blessed with lovely people working with me. THANK YOU MIKE, MAX, ALEX, CHRISTIAN, OLIVER, DOUG, MARIA, KIKO, MARKUS and TONI and for making my dream come true. Not forgetting all the crewmembers that were helping and working very hard for us on our journey. Just know, you are all in my heart.

This is the last photo taken of the band after leaving the stage in London.

IMG 4591 

This chapter is ending now, but a new one is to start very soon. You’ll see me performing already on next week in a Halloween concert in Tampere, Finland.

The Winter Storm is over. Let’s start to dig together What Lies Beneath.

IMG 4588 



With all my love, Tarja


Regards from Sofia, Bulgaria!

12. October 2009

So far so good. Everybody around is healthy and the road takes us further every day. Countries and environments are changing all the time. It is nice to see people having still fun and giving me smiles, even though it is obvious that all of us are already tired of traveling.

Anyway, the general feeling is excellent and positive. I am enjoining every little details of this tour, since it’s the last one for my debut album and I’ll need to wait quite a long time for the next proper tour.

Visiting Munich and Ingolstadt was a really positive experience. The old city of Ingolstadt is pretty with lots of clean, tiny streets and not that many people around. 

IMG 0240

It seemed that audiences were enjoining those shows a lot and that Germans truly gave their love for us. It’s overwhelming to see the difference from where I started and where things are now after touring 2 years! Thank you Germany, we’ll meet soon again. 

After Germany we headed to Italy, Bologna. What a beautiful old town! Cameras were rolling on the off day when everybody got to go to the city and relax. Bologna would be a nice place to live…with its copper-red colored old buildings, towers and houses. And the dining is just delicious! ;)

IMG 4418 

The night of the show was fun. People came very far to see us as well and the show was a success. We keep on making some trouble for the local security, as you can see.

IMG 0257

One day everybody will understand that fans don’t eat artists! 

It has been a long time since I heard people screaming like the audience did in Croatia, Zagreb. Oh my God! It was very hard to hear the band at times :)  

I wondered many times during the show how on earth my band is hearing what they need to play, but somehow they managed very well and we were having a time of our life on stage. Great people! Wonderful acceptance.

After Croatia, the loooooong journey to Istanbul waited for us. We were crossing 3 borders and needed to wait quite a while in all of them. It was not that nice to wake up in the middle of the night and go out to show your face for the passport control… several times. You just got to fall asleep, when you needed to wake up again and again :(

IMG 0265IMG 0274

Well; finally sometime around 05:00 in the morning we happily arrived to Istanbul. The show was originally going to happen in a different venue, but we heard that the venue had bankrupted and we were going to perform in a “rock-bar”. It was more than exciting experience, since for example the stage was so small that Mike’s drums were not fitting on it! Well, once again we managed somehow to go through the show and the audience was excellent.

My first time in Turkey, I will never forget it. I got to do some sightseeing as well before the show, so now I know a bit more. It was not enough though. But, there is hope for the future. At least now I have something to write on my diary. 

 zzzzzz 1IMG 4433 1

It was so good to return to Athens. Had been two years since I’ve been there and it showed me that people had been waiting for my return.

Heavens´ sake I almost burst into tears during the first song. That much the audience was screaming. There was only one thing bothering me during my performance and it was completely my own fault. I ate too late my dinner and when I was singing, the food started to rise up… I was truly suffering, but my crew told me that they didn’t hear nor saw anything strange in my performance. That’s amazing considering the mood I had during the whole show. Well, I learned my lesson and in the end, it was one of the best shows we did on this tour so far.

Day after we performed in Thessalonica and some people from Athens followed us there. It was very nice to see people so excited! I want to thank Greece once again for waiting for me patiently. I hope you don’t need to wait too long for seeing me again in your beautiful country. We had a very big dose of Greek salad in this trip until then ;)

IMG 4448 1IMG 4457 1IMG 4463 1

Tonight, Bulgarians are surrounding us. Big venue, lovely people, and lot of excitement in the air…I can already feel the fans outside.

The show is to start in few hours…


With love, Tarja

Day Off in Augsburg

2. October 2009

We have been on the road two weeks already. Still many shows ahead and many new places to visit.  I must say that I am really enjoining this tour very much.

Spain was a wonderful experience for all of us. We got to spend a great time in Barcelona the day before the show and relax under the Spanish sun.

I, of course, made some shoe shopping as well ;)

The amount of tourists was incredible in Barcelona as the city was having celebrations. Many bands playing in the streets. It was very cool with music everywhere.

My show went well and everybody got really excited about the reception of Spanish people. The venue has been recently renewed, beautiful and having great acoustics. The following night we travelled to Madrid.

I haven’t been performing in the capital Madrid in a very long time, so I was very thrilled by this opportunity.

It was only very sad that for security reasons, the responsible of the venue in Madrid, didn’t allow us to perform our acoustic set among the audience :(

We were forced to play it from the stage as we have done earlier. There was nothing we could do about it; the decision was not in our hands. I hope the people in Madrid enjoyed my show anyway despite of this. Muchas gracias por “Olé, olé, olééé…” :)

After Spain the long travel to Pratteln was nicely interrupted by a beach break in France.

IMG 4369IMG 0944

It didn’t take us too long to recharge our batteries, as there was something good to expect from Switzerland.

 The venue Z7 was crowded again!!!!! And we were playing there just 3 months ago! I am so happy. The feeling of being on stage in front of such supporting audience made me very proud of us. We have gone a long road with this group of people already, but there are even better moments to come, I am sure. Thank you all for keeping the music alive, as I like to say.

Last time I was performing in Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik was in 1999. That makes 10 years!!! The time flies!

IMG 0228 

I was so excited to be back in there with my own show. The place was packed and the reception was amazing. It was fantastic to receive such a warm welcome from Ludwigsburg.

Regards from Augsburg.

IMG 4392 

With all my love, Tarja

Viva Barcelona

26. September 2009

My friends,


The long distance between Berlin and Barcelona is getting shorter as the road takes us further, closer to Spain. Is the best chance I have to write a new post. 

I am the only girl again on the road with the guys, but the group of people are having fun together and it looks like this tour is going to be nice ending for My Winter Storm album.

Shows have gone really well so far. Is very encouraging to realise that nearly two years after My Winter Storm was released, more people is reaching us in our shows now than ever before :)

I have met many people that have seen my show for the first time. It is very awarding and refreshing to hear and see people excited about my work.

The rehearsal days in Germany seem now long gone. Everything went very fine.

 IMG 4332IMG 4347

The band sounds tighter than ever before. Christian and the new crewmembers are doing a great job and all of us are enjoining the results of our efforts. I am very positive that this feeling will continue until the end of this long tour. It is for sure the most challenging and roughest one for me so far on my solo career, but I am really working hard to get all the good things out of it and to cherish the moment. 

I want to thank the people at the Elf Fantasy Fair for the great experience and memory. I have to say that everybody from our band and technicians were having fun at that festival, taking millions of photos and having good time with the visitors of the festival. People have put so much effort in making this beautiful event happen. I wish the festival would continue making people happy for centuries!

After the nice beginning for the tour, we visited Bremen, Hanover and Berlin. Germany and Germans showed me their love and support in a magnificent way. Oh man, these shows were all great. We took the chance to perform a quiet, acoustic set in the middle of the audience, like we did already in my hometown Buenos Aires earlier this year. It worked out very well and people seemed to be pretty surprised about it. After doing so in Bremen, every one of us felt that we have to try to do this in every venue when possible, since it was very nice to see people’s reaction towards us. Happy, smiling faces…

IMG 0199IMG 0207

Tonight: hola Barcelona!

 Untitled 1 1


With love, Tarja

Greetings just before the Final Storm!

14. September 2009

Last weeks full of work and fun are happily over and I can relax a bit and enjoy the days before the “Final Storm Tour” is starting.

I have done some new Xmas recordings and filmed a video spot for it. I was very happy to perform in a Swedish Gala concert and my own Mäntyharju classical concert.

Everything went as expected or better!

The Christmas album, produced by Finnish famous Olli Ahvenlahti, is a charity project for missionary workers in Finland and it is going to be released in the beginning of November in Finland. I recorded 3 songs for the album and it was fun. Singing Xmas songs during summer time, was once again weird, but this time the studio was not prepared with Santa Claus pictures on the walls and I still managed without them ;)


IMG 3891IMG 3915IMG 3919


The Swedish Gala concert was a funny and at the same time beautiful experience. It was broadcasted live so the rehearsals and preparations were intense. I needed to sing for the first time the song Myrskyluodon Maija; a song that every Finnish person knows. I hope I did honour it with my performance. I also performed The Reign, a song that I particularly love from my fist album. It was very touching to hear the great orchestra performing it. I am sure that I will do more concerts with orchestra in the near future.

I was just very delighted to receive an invitation for this important gala.


IMG 3940Bwh 090829 0664 copy


Mäntyharju concert went very fine as well and it was nice to see friends coming from really far to the amazingly beautiful church of Mäntyharju. I was very satisfied with the concert program and with the fact that I could perform some of my own compositions for the Finnish audience for the first time. People seemed to enjoy them. The hard work ended with success :)


IMG 4003IMG 4016


I have been also busy writing new songs for my forthcoming album. This time with Johnny Andrews. We wrote a song few months ago when I was in L.A. and now we did it again in Finland.


IMG 4309


The biggest difference with MWS probably is that at that time, we recorded all the songs that I was happy with. And we had no leftovers! Everything went into the album, one way of another. But now, the feeling is a bit different. Having so much material to choose from is making things difficult… Is a new and nice challenge. Is quite hard to leave songs out of the album as all the songs have a special meaning to me.

While getting ready for a new tour, my thoughts are in the new album.

I want to thank everybody for the beautiful wishes, presents and surprises on my birthday. Many of you left regards in this blog or in the official forum in all the languages in my web page. I also received many lovely presents and saw lots of funny videos in you tube, so I am a very lucky girl to have such a great people like you supporting me on my journey in music and life.

And for all those that guess if I am really receiving the videos, presents and letters; yes I am. Even though the amount of them makes it barely impossible to answer you in person, be sure that I really enjoy them a lot.

Thank you all again! It is amazing to feel the love of you.

See you very soon in the last tour in Europe.



With love, Tarja

Hello dear fans!

16. August 2009

I guess you wanted to know a bit more about the summer storm that passed by already some time ago.

First show in Vaasa, Finland went really well. For me it was very important show since I haven’t been able to play Rock in my home country for a long time. I want to thank all my Finnish fans for the patience and love and the Rockperry festival for the opportunity. It was very nice feeling to be in front of the home audience again.

After Vaasa, we played in small venues in Saarbrücken and in Vienna and these shows were real fun.  In Vienna the club was so hot that we all ended up soaked wet. Believe me that I lost few hundred of grams during that show :) !   

The reception of the audience was just amazing in both shows and it was nice to hear that many people travelled really far to see us. Thank you!

Then we got to perform in a cosy Czech festival where thousands of people were welcoming us. Very interesting to take part in a Festival with very different kind of bands. I did a signing session there as well. Many fans in all ages came to say hello. It was cool.


 IMG 0152


Suspense was in the air when we arrived to Poland’s HunterFest. We saw that not that many people eventually came to the festival, since quite many bands cancelled their performance.


IMG 3789 


But we did our show and everyone in the band felt that it was a great show thanks to the Polish audience!! It was raining a bit before and after the show, but not too much during. We were just lucky. I hope I could meet my Polish audience very soon again in the future. This time I met some Winterstorm fanclub members at HunterFest after the show as we were not such in a big hurry to leave.

The last show in Kiev went as great as we expected. Even with many journalists waiting to hear my words right as I left the stage.


 IMG 3838


It was the last show of this tour and the beginning of a short break before the last tour will begin. Thanks to all the crew: Taneli, Tommi, Aki, Stosh and Pete and of course to my band for this summer. 


IMG 3823 


Far away from holidays, I was again working in finishing new songs. I am counting the days to be able to start the preproduction and recordings of the new album. So here is the title of another song that is now ready: Love to Hate.

In few days you’ll see me performing in a very important TV Gala Concert in Stockholm and day after in a classical concert in Mäntyharju, Finland.

But first, some rest under the sun ;)


 IMG 3759


With love, Tarja












17. July 2009

I have been resting and enjoining the warm and beautiful Finnish summer for few days now.

Also spent time promoting my next shows, but I had the chance to make a brief cameo in my friends’ second movie called “Yhtä Kyytiä” (Mad Rush). More information about the black humour comedy you’ll find from:


Here few snapshots of the filming day :)


IMG 3738IMG 3742IMG 3748 


Tomorrow is the beginning of the second leg of my summer tour. I am delighted to travel with many friends very early in the morning to Vaasa. Everybody is excited!

My first Rock show in two years in my homeland! Thanks Rockperry for opening your doors for us ;)

Let’s rock the summer in Suomi, Germany, Austria, Czech, Poland and Ukraine!


IMG 3712 


With love, Tarja