Recording techniques

Hello dear people,

We left Ibiza behind :(
Nice memories, lots of songs and lovely weather, we will be back one day…
Thank you Ibiza and Spain!

I can still make a post that I started to write over there.

I read in the blog and forum that many of you like to sing as hobby, others do sing in a band and also many of you are singing classical music. Many times I have been asked about technical things too.

So I thought to make a post specially intended for those who are interested in some aspects of the vocal recordings.

I hope that you might like it and hopefully, the other fans that are not singers themselves, won’t get too bored :)

In the vocal recording session of My Winter Storm I have tried pretty many new things about recording techniques that became necessary for me as a singer. I want to share this information with you in case some of you might have had same kind of troubles than I.

Before this session, I have always, recorded using the headphones.
I have anyway noticed that they really bother me. I am not relaxed enough, because I can not hear my real voice in the room where I am recording.
So I decided to find my own way.
A way to feel more comfortable and to be able to use my voice better than before.

For me it is necessary to have my entire face muscles relaxed and while I am wearing the headphones I am not opening my mouth enough for proper, clear articulation.
Also this affects a lot the freedom that the voice should have. If the voice doesn’t have enough space to flow, it will sound tight and under pressure.

I use the headphones the way that they cover only one ear, so that the other ear can hear the voice in the room. It helps to keep the tone clean and also gives the impression that I am recording live.


Some other times, depending on the song, I put them in my neck, just to hear enough the music to keep the beat. In this way my both ears are open and the leak coming from the headphones into the recordings is not too big.


These two ways of using headphones work only when I am not singing with my classical, full voice.

Then when I am singing in a classical way, I don’t like to use the headphones at all.
I use headphones far away from me (or instead of the headphones I can also use a normal loudspeaker). The leak from the music playing in the headphones or loudspeaker into the recordings (the microphone can easily “listen to it” won’t be big, because the sound of the voice is loud enough.


For me it is necessary to hear my voice as natural as possible in the room when I am singing classical. The best way for me to sing classical music or music using a classical singing technique is to hear the real ambience of the place where I am singing.

If I need to use classical vocal techniques, the reverb and delay that I listen in the headphones are not the real ones from the room. They are manipulated to “sound” as real as possible, but they never are accurate enough.

If I sing with a reference that is not natural, I will instinctively use my body to adjust my voice into what I can hear and my sound will end up being not the best one I can reach. I don’t feel comfortable to sing without hearing exactly what I am doing.

I cannot sing my classical singing parts in a vocal booth (small room to record vocals in studios) either, because the ambience is very “dry”. These rooms in particular and studios in general are prepared not to reflect the sounds and to get the most “pure” sound signal from the voice or instruments for the microphone. But without listening to the natural reverb of my voice, is not possible for me to sing.

To be more clear in the concepts: I can sing under any conditions, but the results won’t be as good as they could be. I want to be happy with the sound of my voice in my own album ;)

When I cannot hear myself good enough (with or without headphones), it is very easy to start making too much effort in order to sound louder. This way the voice gets tired and I can fell the pressure very easily.

That’s why I prefer to record vocals in a bigger room, with normal ambience and its acoustics. It can only be a room in a house or a studio without acoustic treatments. Too much ambience (a very big hall) is also not good. For example recording vocals for a rock album in a church may not work.

For a good vocal support and to get a better upright bearing, I use normally couple of cm high heels. This time in Ibiza, I didn’t have those with me, so I managed to find some books instead!

head5head 1

Looks funny, but they really work. This way I don’t need to think too much of my singing position and I can be more relaxed.

I hope this information will be somehow useful for some of you. Anyway, every singer has their own ways to manage in recordings and for sure my own way, applies for me, but not necessarily for everyone.

But it is not forbidden to share experiences! ;)

Many of you guessed correctly: The first musician to feature in My Winter Storm is Kiko Loureiro from Angra!

It was a pleasure to have him playing beautiful acoustic guitars in some songs. He added a marvellous flavour that I was looking for.

I am very glad that he captured the spirit of my music so well and that he was able to record during a tight schedule of Angra. Thanks also to Rafael, Edu, Felipe, Aquiles and Tonino for “borrowing” your partner!

Yesterday, at Finnvox Studios back in Finland, the second guest musician played like Gods… A dear friend that I am absolutely happy to have in my album.

With Love,

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  1. Aira Says:


    Omg , Thanks For The Post =D

    Kiko \o/

    Kisses *-*

  2. Manu Says:

    Well, though I’m a boy, the high-heel-tip was very useful. I’m not actually wearing high heels now ;) , but standing on books or something else helps me a lot. Thank you :)

  3. wishboy Says:

    thank you! kiss!

  4. Eilylal Says:

    so, is that new guest musician Finnish? =P

    wow, nice advices here… I can sing, but my voice ain’t that good to sing classically (which would mean I can’t sing) and I don’t have big range of voice (but I can sing much lower than I can sing high, maybe that’s my strenght).

    well, Tarja, enjoy yourself working on this album, cause we’re so eager to hear it!


  5. Ophelia Says:

    Thank you for posting such intersting information…I will try to use your tips when I am singing:)
    Can’t wait for the album, it sounds great :)

  6. Jola Says:

    Tervetuloa Tarja! :D :D :D
    Finally ! Tarja i love you! Photo’s it’s beautiful :D You are so perfect ! I alweys love you! Paljon kitoksia of your news Tarja :) You’re rocks ! Minä Rakastan sinua :* Minä olen Puolalainen :*
    Kiitos :*
    Youre fan forever :)

  7. pete Says:

    tarja just a quick qestion if you have time to cover this in your next post :)

    is it normal that when singing classical music and dont practise alot you could fall from a soprano to mezzo-soprano?

    just wondering :P could help :)

    p.s keep up the amazing work :)

  8. Marijana Says:

    Hello my shining star! :-) I hear ya and understand your problems(had some of them,too) :-) so thanks for posting your way of resolving them :-) Hurry with that album!!!!! Love…

  9. Hayley Says:

    Hey Tarja :)

    Thanks for the tips – I’m sure I’ll be able to use them next year when I’m recording for my exam preperation at school :p

    So, you’re having many guest musicians on the album! Sounds interesting! Just don’t let them drown you out on your own album :lol:

    Good luck with the rest pof the recordings :d

    Love Hayley

  10. the_riddler Says:


    No he escuchado mucho de esa banda :? se que es metal y poco más,suena espectacular \m/

    Espero que te hayamos tratado muy bien en España, personas como tú se lo merecen :D

    Muchos besos! ;)

  11. ae Says:

    thanks for sharing ;) I kind of sing as a hobby myself, so any information is good, though of course I have, too, some of my own ways and tips :D even if its for fun and pure enjoyment.

    ah i’m sooo waiting for your album! :)

  12. Sammael Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I think it could help me to singing better.
    Lots of kisses!

  13. Emmi Says:

    Hi Tarja :)
    Thanks for information!
    I love to sing and I used to sing in the band few years ago…
    The band was created by my school mates :) But then I changed the school and I had to leave the band. I still sing as a hobby to my own delight :) It’s not good thing that you had to leave Ibiza… mayby someday you can go back there! Anyway welcome back to Finland :)

  14. Ana Says:

    Terve Tarja

    Very interesting post. I’m not a singer myslef but I like to sing for fun :) I was always under impression that singing in high heels might be harder. You’ll have great guest musicians! Can’t wait for the album :D

    I wish to see you on tour also in Slovenia XD

    With love,

  15. Silvana Says:

    Nice pics and also thanks for your advises in singing theme =)
    I can’t believe that Kiko played in your album, WHAT A NICE GUITAR PLAYER!!!

    Kisses a lot Tarja =)

  16. Ingrid (Brazil) Says:

    You’re so cute ;)
    You were very kind to the singers, hehehehe!!!
    Wow thank tou so much!!!
    Now I’m sure that you read my comment , I’m a one of them!!!
    God luck for you one more time!
    Hugs and kisses

  17. Disgraced Says:

    oh tarja, I’m melting every time I read your news… I cannot sing at all but always try to learn more and more about it, sort of compensate my lack of talent and so I appreciate it so much, when you talk about singing. Hope this is just the first of many!
    And a wonderful choice as your first guest! I really, really hope that first of all you’ll be satisfied with the ending results of your album and secondly that it’ll get the the love, attention and appreciation it deserves.
    I’m wondering if there’ll also be a duet…………?

  18. Enchanted Rose Says:

    While reading your post,I wished I was a singer!Oh,well…I am looking forward to hearing your voice and your artwork.It will be beautiful,I’m sure.Can’t wait to hear who your next guest musician/s are!And…
    You’re so cuteeeee on those books!:)

  19. Amy Says:

    Thank you Tarja , for posting your singing tips , I do classical singing and can agree with what you said about hearing yourself , but I haven’t tried the book thing lol!

  20. Flávia Says:


    Thank very much Tarja, you help me with this post^^…
    Unfortunately I hate Angra , I’m brazilian but I hate Angra, anyway, I know you did a right choise.
    Well, I hane nothing to say..
    Love you

  21. Analía Fridman Says:

    Hola Tarja ! Lei tu post, porque es muy interesante conocer tecnicas de una cantante tan excelente y especial como vos.
    Me encanta cantar, pero nunca fui a clases de canto (aunque me encantaria hacerlo, pero en este momento no puedo); pero la mayoria de mi dia me la paso cantando, es algo que me divierte y tambien relaja, y haber leido esto es muy bueno porque es muy interesante conocer estas tecnicas, y tambien conocer un poco mas de vos. ^^

    A traves de este blog veo que cada vez te esta yendo mejor, tu carrera solista esta dando muchos frutos y vos la estas pasando muy bien, que es una de las cosas mas importantes, no? :)
    Las fotos estan muy buenas como siempre, (en especial la de los libros, muy graciosa =P..pero original!), y vos cada dia mas resplandeciente.

    Besos Tarja,
    te deseo lo mejor :)

  22. gotika Says:

    muy interesante lo que escribes, gracias por compartir con nosotros!

    Tarja sos un angel! Te adorooooooo!

    Decile a Marcelo que se ponga las pilas y que el disco MWS salga en toda Argentina!, yo soy de Rosario y aca ni siquiera saben quien sos mi amor!! (que ignorantes por dios!) sino, al menos envien una copia, que yo lo estare esperando! Jejeje

    Tendras una sola fan x aca, pero una verdadera que te quiere con todo el alma!! Y te desea lo mejor!!

    Confio en vos Marcelo, no me falles! saludos

  23. Raween Says:

    Do you wear the same clothes every day?

  24. Diana Says:

    Hola Princesa!
    yo ya estaba por viajar a Ibiza solo para ver dónde te habías escondido por no querer postear…..XD
    igual no hubiera encontrado nada porque ya te habías ido! >u

  25. Cris (La Negra del Foro Oficial) Says:

    Thanks for the free class ;) I’ll keep your advice in mind when I enter the recording studio, sometime during next year to record the soundtrack of a documentary I’m working on.

    Your illustrative pictures are hilarious, specially the one where we can actually see you standing on the books…!

    Completely off topic: to those who prayed or at least thought of my friend, I’m very glad to share the good news with you, after a lot of prayers and good vibes sent her way, she was discharged from the clinic yesterday and she’s now resting at home, safe and sound. Apparently there’s no cancer, so we’re more than happy for her! Soon she’ll be back with us at the parish, working again! So, I guess there’s “Something” Up There, definitely… ;)

    Take care, God Bless! :D

  26. Luciana Coelho Says:

    Wowwwwwwww Tarja! Kiko rulessss…
    He’s great! He plays so well!

    Good luck!

    Good new!



    wow, thank u for sharing with us this curious tecnique!!!
    i love kiko loureiro and i am happy of it.

    let’s try to guess the next guest musician!

    Toni Kakko…….or someone else from sonata arctica!

  28. Deyris Says:

    Tarja, you are simplismente, perfect!
    Therefore each day that passes, I taste more than you
    love You, pretty, wonderful!

  29. Diana Says:

    escribí un testamento de largo que era mi post…….
    y se me colgó la compu……y se colgó cuando le dí click para que envíe mi post….
    y solo quedó parte……

    wuaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… :(

    te decía que…

    estoy re happy de que sea Kiko!!
    y estoy loca por saber más del invitado que dijiste……
    habrá algún argento por ahí también??

    ayer tuve aprcial de “redacción” en la facu…..y estaba loca (mas bien tarada LOL…) de nervios……
    sabés qué hice?
    puse el “Henkays Ikuisuuudesta” al mango!
    “Ave María” habrá pasado unas 20 veces……
    y después me fuí a la facu…..jijiiiii

    Muy buenas la técnicas! fatal lo de los libros…..juaaaz!
    estuve en coros desde que iba a primer grado en la primaria….(6 años tenía)….
    el coro de la escuela primaria, el del colegio de música, coro de jóvenes, los coros que armaban las colegas de mi vieja cuando hacían las pasantías para recibirse de profesoras de música…..
    hasta hice de Angel Gabriel…..o.O’? seeeeee…hasta yo me sorprendo….

  30. Diana Says:

    (sh*t! esto va por partes… se que pasa, solo postea parte de lo que pongo…LOL)

    pero nunca llegamos a grabar ningún disco ni nada…..
    dejé la escuela de música al 3 año…..creo que en los alumnos de 4° grababan un disco……
    o algo así era….

    Princesita! espero que vuelvas a escribir pronto……
    y que nos comentes más de “mr. invitado”… de Finlandia?
    es argento????? (argento=soy felíz!) >_

  31. Diana Says:

    (y otra vez…por partes….) sorry!

    Princesita! espero que vuelvas a escribir pronto……
    y que nos comentes más de “mr. invitado”… de Finlandia?
    es argento????? (argento=soy felíz!) >_

  32. Diana Says:

    (4° parte….)

    me voy a almorzar…..wiiiiiiii…..

    besotes de dulce de leche!!

    Diana (( ))

  33. Paola Says:

    No Tenia ni idea de todo lo que implicaba preparar tu voz
    además de todos los aspectos necesarios para que se escuche mejor
    es muy distintolas vocalización clasica a la normal.
    A pesar de que no canto es muy interesante leer lo que dices siempre es bueno aprender algo nuevo.

    Por cierto muy graciosas las fotos xD.

    Te quiero Tarja Saludos desde Tepic (hentao Doll xD).

  34. Paola Says:

    No Tenia ni idea de todo lo que implicaba preparar tu voz
    además de todos los aspectos necesarios para que se escuche mejor
    es muy distintolas vocalización clasica a la normal.
    A pesar de que no canto es muy interesante leer lo que dices siempre es bueno aprender algo nuevo.

    Por cierto muy graciosas las fotos xD.

    Te quiero Tarja Saludos desde Tepic (hentai Doll xD).

  35. Leen aka Silver_Wings (Belgium) Says:

    “Nederlands Spaans woordenboek” Explain that one to me :P trying to learn some Dutch? Could be interesting.

    Well i can’t sing (unfortunately) so the lesson wasn’t that useful for me, but i’m gonna learn things about recordings, so on the other hand its still useful for me :)

  36. ashleigh Says:

    wow that was a long post! shame i am not a singer though, i play guitar instead but still, hearing exactly how you record your vocals is interesting for some strange reason lol. post soon!!!

    love from scotland

    Ashleigh xxx

  37. rosalie Says:

    hi Tarja! though I’m a musician, and not a singer, I found your article very interesting! some of my friends are singer, so I could, and will share those tips with them! I hope they’ll be useful ;) and I wonder… is the guest musician finnish? well, I wish you the best with My Winter Storm!
    Rosalie -xxx-

  38. Dalvana Says:


    Kiko Loureiro!! Very good!! He’s a great musician and I’m sure that he done a real good job in your album!

    Thank for the post, it was very interesting to me to know how do you sing in studio, how do you do, what are your techniques… Very very very nice post!!

    See ya!

  39. Ornella Ric. Says:

    hola Tarja!
    una vez mas!! akiii, leyendo tus dias!
    aii sii, es el de Angraa!! Kiko!!!


    esos tips de cantante son lo mas!
    gracias por dedicarle tiempo a actualizar a la pag!!

    besos Tarja!!!

  40. Leticia Says:

    Grrrreaaaatt post!! \o/

    So many good tips… I loved! And yes, I had this questions on my head all the time in the studio!!

    The best post ever! *laughs*
    (and with a brazilian guest!!)

    Kisses! =*

  41. Maaike Says:

    Ey cool that you used some dutch/spanish spanish/dutch dictionary’s.
    Can’t wait to hear / buy your album.

    Greetz from the rainy Netherlands

  42. Na-Nune Says:

    Hello ! :)
    Happy to see that you’re back in Finlande and that one of your friends plays in MWS …

    Greetings from France
    Na-Nune (l)

  43. Sarah Says:

    Hi Tarja, I´m singing every day, but I´m not a singer, I do it only for me. It´s my biggest hobby. The tips about your techniques are great. Thanks for them.
    Love Sarah

  44. Eva (FairyTale) Says:

    Woooooh a Nederlands-Spaans woordenboek :D That’s cool.
    Very interesting post. I play drums, but it’s still interesting. Thank you!

  45. Catherine Says:

    Ohhh Tarja that is so nice of you to share tips!!! I have never done vocal recordings except for in my old choir, but the things you shared are so helpful! I will remember the high heels when I need to perform (although I need to get some shorter ones if I want to save my feet…) It was so considerate of you to think of all your fans who are also singers! Thank you so very, very much! You are the greatest!
    Big hug and lots of kisses,

  46. Metal Angel Says:

    Thank you Tarja, for your advices..:) I want to be a singer… as good singer as you… I sing a lot with my teacher, and she said that I´m very talented, so I hope it´s possible that I will become a singer. You´re my model and I acknowledge and admire you. Thank you again that you´re here. I hope to see you soon in Czech… Best to you, Tarja…:)
    Love, Tereza

  47. Tarja_Way Says:

    Hola Tarja! :)

    Tu post de hoy ha sido muy inetersante, aunque yo no canto ni nada, es muy agradable leer un poco de tus tecnicas, siempre ess bueno saber un poco (:
    Que bueno que lo has pasado bien en España, no es para menos.
    Y acerca del mùsico no sè porque me sospechaba que era èl xD
    Ojalà todo salga de maravilla y suerte en Finlandia.

    Una pregunta, ojalà algùn dìa respondas.
    tu disco my winter storm, va a salir en varios paises del mundo
    o de nuevo serà solo en Finlandia y Argentina?

  48. Arthur Raymundo Says:

    Hello Tarja!
    Nice post!!!
    I’m a singer student, this year I’ll have college’s test for classical singing!
    I just wanna say, that, a few years ago, I start to be interest in operas, classical music, and study classical singing because of you! =)
    I liked the tips that you gave about recording, but I’d never recorded anything in studio, just once, but was together with the band.
    And nice to know that the guest is Kiko Loreiro, brazillian, as I am! hehe
    I just want to hear your album as soon as possible! =D
    Greetings from a fan of Brazil!!

    See you in the next post,

  49. João Afonso Says:

    Kiko loureiro?
    he is one of the best for sure
    Greeting from Brazil
    Love you
    João Afonso

  50. Rakeli Says:

    Kiitos for this cool pics you share again with us! I am not a musician an I can not sing because my voice not that good but I think that it is cool that you share this tip with us your fans. That’s why some of us love you more that other musicians. you’re so natural. like I said before be yourself do not let other ppl to change you!
    Have good time where ever you are our dear Tarja!

  51. Patricia Smirnoff (yeah from brazil) Says:

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA I was correcttttt I was correctttttttt \o/

    angra angra angra angra angraaaaaaaaaaaa \o/

    Kiko Loreiro Rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Thank you for opportunity that you gave to Brazilians musicians \o/

    Wooooowwwww I love read you talking about sing \o/
    Do you can talk about pianos?


    Thannnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuuu my little cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    You and kiko Loreiro are the best!

  52. Fantasmic Says:

    Great infos Tarja…: If Il” lear more – I’ll know more;) And i think, that Your tips’ll come in handly:)

    ps. I’m not sure, but i have my 1 guest in my mind…;)

  53. Diego Says:

    Hello Tarja!
    Thanks for sharing all this info and pics with us!
    I’m hoping that Kiko himself post in the blog, it’ll be interesting to read how was the recording process for him!
    Now I guess everybody is dying to know who the 2nd guest musician is, so please, don’t let us die of curiosity :)
    Wish you the best!
    Greetings from Brazil!

  54. Tom Says:

    Nederlands-spaans dictionary! cool :p I’m dying to know who the second guest musician is!
    Greetz from Belgium!

  55. Gabytax Says:

    Hola Tarja!!!
    muchas grax por el post ;)
    jaja que pena que yo no cante xD jaja bueno eso ya te lo conte xD
    muy lindas fotos ;)
    y bue… estoy cada vez mas anciosa x el disco!!:D

    besitos desde Chile!! :D

  56. Jenni Says:

    Kiitoksia Tarja kun jaksat pitää meitäkin ajan tasalla. Kuviasi on ihana katsella ja odotankin innolla uutta levyäsi! Uusi asuntonne on melkein minun taloni naapurissa :) Hymyillään (ja halataan) jos tavataan! Kaikkea hyvää “naapuri”!

  57. Brenda [Maria Jose] Says:

    Hola diosa!!!!!! ; wau escribistes mucho XD ajj!!; pero me encatna saber cuando cantas e informarnos cuando queremos saber lo que estas haciendo ^^

    bueno , angra yo lo escucho y es un placer que trabaje con vos!!! xk angra es una de las mejores bandas demetal que hay!!!!

    espero ansiosa el album Tarja!!!
    saludos desde Argentina!

  58. manuel Says:

    que bien tarja espero con ansias tu nuevo disco y espero que salga en mexico por que sere el primero en comprarlo aqui tambien una gira por latinoamerica y incluyes a mexico….. se te quiere mucho tarjaaaa

  59. kiko Says:

    Hi Tarja,

    …so Kiko played on “Calling Grace” – wow that’s perfect. I know his guitarplaying and he is great!! …..again: WOW


    (the other) kiko

  60. Gabi Says:

    Oh my… I’m dying to listen to this new album :)
    I just wonder when will it be released….

    I started classical singing a couple of years ago (because of the impact that you -and the musical The Phantom of the Opera- had on me, specially in the gig I went in Once Upon a Tour) and I think this tips will be REALLY useful. Thanks a lot ;)

    All the best!


  61. Xoana(Argentina) Says:

    Gracias por leer nuestros comentarios y tener en cuenta estos, yo soy una de las que canta clásico, a mi tambien me molesta un poco no poder escuchar mi verdadera voz en ambientes en los cuales se mezclan los sonidos. gracias por tus aportes, suerte en todo, de verdad que sos una gran inspiración!

  62. Sofía Says:

    te amo
    te llevo en el corazón
    Saludos a Marce!



    I LOVE YOU TARJA…YOU ARE THE GREATEST/THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Understand_Me Says:

    I’m not a singer, but I still found this information very interesting and useful as I’m pursuing a degree in Music Technology and hope to one day own a recording studio of my own. It gave me a glimpse at what singers may want/need when they record, so thank you for sharing! :)

  65. Jorge Abrahão (Brazil) Says:

    I loved the explanation, very useful. I like to sing as a hobby.
    Tarja, I love you more than chocolate :D

    Take care, kisses :*

  66. Nina Says:

    Hey Tarja!!!
    Thank you very very much for the proposals. In a few days I will also be in studio. The studio belongs to a good friend of mine and it’s of course not that high-qualified equipment you might work with, but it’s enough to make some songs ;-) . I won’t betray too much, but the song I will record you might hear it in some time… But enough of that. I will try to practise some of your proposals when I do the singing on the song. Again thank you very much for those! (Exactly on time for me!!!)
    Have a nice weekend and take care

  67. Tidii Says:

    Tuo kirjajuttu näyttää ovelalta. :’DD
    Voisit lähettää sen Pirkan Niksit -palstalle.

    UU, joku suomalainen siis toinen vierailija?

  68. winter_angel Says:

    wouah!!!funny pics with a book =)) good !!!:).Thanx for the post!!!:)love ya forever and ever tarja the best!!!.good luck!!!:).kiitos!!!:)Greetz!!!:).

  69. night.shine Says:

    Dear Tarja…
    It´s great to see that you are so happy and so beautiful… I´m singer, too.. And it was really fine to read about your technics ;-) I´m trying to find any teacher to make my voice better, because I want to be still better and better.. Thank you for inspiration… Thank you for your letters :-) I will look forward to hear your new album… Kiss kiss kiss :-* GOOD LUCK :-*

  70. Judith Says:

    hi tarja!
    wow, thanks for this great post. I’m forced to sing in my band as well because I’m the only girl, although I never had singing lessons or something, I just get some help by a music-teacher of my school, but these are really really useful things, I think I’ll try some of them in future, maybe my voice sounds at least a little nicer, then ;) thank you so much!!
    and again you’re making us all curious, how unfair ;)

  71. rafael Says:

    wow tarja!

    thank you sooo much for share this with us,I’m a singer too and I loved the post



    love you

  72. Andrew Mckenna Says:

    Hi tarja;
    I’m not a vocalist (I wish I was. To be able to sing is the greatest of musical gifts) but as a guitarist and keyboard player it is facinating to read about your vocal techniques. I will go away now and study the printout of this blog. Can you please give us more technical stuff like this !

    Please forgive me for continually asking this of you Tarja, but could you please write up here which tv channel and programme the U.K tv crew that interviewed you in Ireland was from. I so don’t want to miss it when the interview is broadcast.

    I hope that the weather in Finland isn’t too much of a contrast to that in Ibiza (I’m writing this on a rare sunny summers day in England, by the river in a village called Bewdley. It’s got to rain yet again tomorrow apparently).

    Anyway Tarja, take the best of care and see you in the next blog.


  73. Black_Kitty Says:

    Hello, Tarja! Woow, many things happened while I was away! Now I just arrived home after a looooooooooooooooooooooong journey and I read your posts… beautiful lyrics, I can’t wait to read them all (and listen to them, of course)… and WOOOOOW, Kiko Loureiro from Angra????????????? omg omg omg there are only great musicians working at this album!!!!!!!!!!! And now… *excited* who might the Finnish guy be? hmmm I can’t wait!!! All the best!

  74. gotika Says:

    Lindas fotos!, sobre todo la segunda!
    Y no nos aburre para nada, al contrario!, si bien,
    Yo no soy ni pienso ser cantante, es interesante conocer esos tips!
    Yo me limito a escucharte a vos Diosa!, que yo cantando sonaria peor que la rana loka
    Besos , Gabriela (Argentina

  75. Jesús (Venezuela) Says:

    Maybe the other singer is !?!??!!”John Two-Hawks”!!??!?! he did a great work o creek mary’s blood…

    Well, let’s see… Waiting for other post, take Care….

    Thanks a lot for All The Information….

    I really hope to see you someday in my life xD

  76. Allard (Netherlands) Says:

    Hehe, on the picture with the books Tarja is standing on a book that says “Dutch – Spanish dictionary” :D

  77. mariella Says:

    Tarja thanks a lot for your recomendations!!! u rock!!! what can i say? i don´t know just thank u and hope u´re doing a good job .. i know u are
    wish the best 4u

  78. little_vamp Says:

    HI TARJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very interesting advices!!!!!!!!!!!

    specially the one of the books.. because sometime its hard to me to find the posicion, anyway when I find the correct position it´s great ´case i sing better!!!…that´s the key i think..and being relax of course!!!!

    thanks 4 the advices!!!!…I hope you can give us more of than kind of advices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    greetings from argentina….

    Maria Jose

  79. tigermysig Says:

    thanks for all the tips. Singing in high heals is actually easier(for me) than singing in ordinary shoes;) so thanks again for all the tips:)
    I’ve never heard of this Kiko Loureiro from Angra, but Im sure his good;)

    Take care

  80. Understand_Me Says:

    I just remember a question I wanted to ask, but I had forgotten it when I wrote my comment above.

    In reference to your live concerts when you wear the in-ear monitors, do you have your vocals turned up in the mix so you can hear your voice, or do you have your vocals turned down so you can hear the music? I’ve heard a generalized statement that singers like having their vocals turned up in their headphone mix so they can better hear themselves and I’m curious as to what you have in your headphone mix.

    I’m not expecting an answer, but I really am curious. And I’m a really big geek when it comes to anything involving music technology, but that’s what should be expected of a future producer/live sound engineer. ;)

  81. maria Says:

    the best advice! i hope i meet you one day!!
    kisses !!

  82. Victoria Says:

    Love the advice. Thank you!

  83. lena Says:

    hy…I love the way you sing , and I love also your songs… You have a beautiful voice …I would like to say that I want to meet you one day…but I know that this is inpossible… You are famous and I am just a girl who loves your incredible voice…I hope that you are going to visit Croatia…bye

  84. rusalemag Says:

    Hello Tarja.
    It is wonderful to read your new post. Thanks you, that us do not forget. If I have correctly understood, you have come back home to Finland. My congratulations! How your precious voice after change of a climatic zone feels? It was very interesting to learn about your problems and a know-how vocal recording. Each singer has professional cunnings. Caballe, for example, thinks, that the singer should be little bit thick (it has put such condition to one our local singer – to the partner in tour). On your example I hear, that it not so. I do not sing, but for me the problem of naturalness of sounding too is important, especially when I listen to your songs. My wife speaks: «For you the main thing in design of apartment is a correct installation loudspeakers». But she is mistake; I can sometimes listen to good music even in small headphones. Therefore so it is remarkable, that you sounding of your unique voice worries. Kiko`s CD –«No gravity», in my opinion, is very good. At its participation, arrangements of your songs, probably, become more complicated is me very much pleases. It would be desirable to learn, what your friend and the second guest musician will introduce in music MWS? Thanks you, Tarja, that we have possibility to make representation about record process. I am very happy for your progress in vocal recording.
    With love, Rusalemag from Moscow.

  85. Gisele Says:

    Great advices,though I’m not a singer xD

    And I think Kiko Loureiro was a great choice xD
    He’s a great musician,and a fellow countryman of mine,wich I’m very proud of xD

  86. Linn Says:

    Well I know that I will never ever record anything, but it was fun to read how you usually do it. I’ll keep singing while cleaning the church I guess. Unless the priests will get me fired from polluting the air… ;)

    It is so much fun to sing, and although I know that I probably never will be able to sing classical music, I love to try. And it does sound better and better, but everything is a matter of perspective I guess… ;)

    I’d love to know who your second guest is… I don’t know a lot of Finnish musicians except from Nightwish, Apocalyptica and HIM. But I guess that we won’t hear Ville sing. At least I can hope for the best. ;)

    Have fun with your recordings!! Love Linn

  87. AA Says:

    Your advise is very interesting and helpful -thank you for that! I haven’t known any other singers or even musicians in general yet who give some tips…
    And that you encouraged Kiko Loureiro for your album is more than great. Using accoustic guitars gives always a very nice effect, not only for the atmosphere.
    Greetings from Germany

  88. Ulfsark Says:

    I can’t sing…. :(

    espero que estes bien angelito…
    espero escuchar tu perfeccionada voz en el nuevo disco…
    te amo…


  89. Katie Says:

    Wow, the high heel tip was amazing =O I didn’t really think it would work, but it made me feel higher, thus forcing my voice to higher, more powerful regions. Wonderful! x x

  90. Cody Says:

    Not boring at all, Tarja! :D

    It’s always interesting to learn how people with such beautiful voices work behind the scenes. If I ever try singing again, I’ll definitely try the standing on books thing, but my voice is terrible anyway, so who knows. :P

    Thanks again!


  91. Manuel Says:

    Hola Tarja, soy de un pais llamado Guatemala y soy un devoto admirador tuyo siempre he admirado tu trabajo y cada vez que escucho tu preciosa voz no dejo de quedar sorprendido. Sigue adelante! tienes un enorme talento y mucho que dar… Adonde vayas siempre encontraras personas que te apoyamos y que te queremos por lo eres.


    Manuel. Un fiel admirador….

  92. sniko Says:

    Hey Tarja!
    I can`t wait to listening ur new album! U`re great!
    & cool to know ur secrets about singing!
    Good look & have a nice time in Finland! ;)



  93. Black_Kitty Says:

    oops I forgot… Thank you for sharing experience with us! I didn’t know the thing with the heels, I’ll have to try it :) Rock on! \m/

  94. sabry Says:

    Que bueno Q des algunos consejos de canto, yo soy desastrosa, creo que se nace con ese don. Acá ando esperando el nuevo cd!!! ni sé que cantar ya!!!! bechotes y éxitos

  95. Evangeline Says:

    Wow, that’s alot to know for people that record!
    I record my singing sometimes(doing covers for songs, the usual) and so it is great to hear some advice from you.
    I will try to heel thing next time. My choir teachers are always pestering me about singing position. I want to stand, but she forces me to sit. Haha.

    Can you tell us the release date of your album?
    I’m too eager….

  96. Maija Says:

    Sori, en jaksa kirjotaa englanniksi. Kyllä täällä joku vielä ymmärtää Suomea kait.
    Niin mutta. On ollut tosi hienoa lukea Tarjan blogia, hän on niin luonnonkaunis.
    Tuntuu, että ero Nightwishistä on molemmin puolin ollut paikallaan ja molemmat osapuolet on päässyt jatkamaan eteenpäin aivan uudenlaisella innolla!
    Tarja, oot maailman paras laulaja, mä todella pidän sun musiikista, mä en tiedä mitään parempaa!
    Love, Maija

  97. Jernej Says:

    Dear Tarja!
    This last post is really cool! I would really like to ask you a question regarding My Winter Storm! I had to buy Infinity on your webshop and I really like it but shipping costs are deadly. Can you tell me will your album be released in Italy(for fans there especially for my friend Arianna, who is absolutely crazy about you) and in Slovenia (for your fans here especially me because I am also crazy about you). Thank you for a “maybe” answers,
    and have our greatest compliments from Italy and Slovenia!

    Two fans crazy about you…:))) :) )))
    Arianna & Jernej

  98. Cássia Diascânio Says:

    I´m so proud and happy to know that Kiko Loureiro is the guest musician!
    I´m brazilian too, and I love you Tarja and your work (with and without nightwish) and I love kiko Loureiro and Angra too!!!!!!


    Kisses from Brazil!!!!!

    so…carry on…

  99. Cássia Diascânio Says:

    thanks to the Recording techniques!!!!
    I loved that!!!!

  100. mikky Says:

    Thank you so much, Tarja, for your kindness! You’re advices are very useful!
    It’s so good you thought at this problem and decided to give us a helping hand!
    A lot of kisses from Romania!!!

  101. Gail Irvine Says:

    Wow, Tarja, thanks for sharing all that information! It’s great to hear how you’re getting on; indeed, many of us fans have wanted to have a way to ask you for singing tips and now you’ve taken it upon yourself to answer our prayers! :) That high heels tip sounds clever, I’m going to try it myself because my posture hasn’t been so good lately.
    I can’t wait to hear the album! Take care of yourself and have fun.
    Love & happiness,
    Gail xxx

  102. Dione Says:

    WOW! that was realy interesting (even thought that I don’t sing so much)! Thanks SO much! Those tips will be useful! :)

    Halauksia Suomesta

  103. hannah Says:

    i found your book tip very useful. Thank you for the tips.

    Hannah xxx

  104. Elena Says:

    Oh my god!! KIKO and YOU! that’s AMAZING!! my favourite singer with my favourite guitarist!!! that’s a dream that become true!!! KIITOS PALJON TARJA!! I CAN’T WAIT TO LISTEN ALL THE ALBUM! wish you all the best! always!!
    With Love

    Elena from Italy

  105. Hedelex Says:

    “Whyyy do I love you sooo much… what kind of magic is this??? your life is a musicaaaal!” LOL, Sorry about semi-quoting “Dancer in the Dark”, but when I like something that much, I can’t avoid it. Those advices where ubercute!! I’ll try them right away. I’m so glad you have a blog, I had been very busy and hadn’t realize, but now Imet the blog I’ll be a regular visitor! I’ll try the books, maybe it can do something for my voice :-P
    May I make a humble advice? The typography is not very readable, not with the size, the contrast between text and back… it is much more readable here in the posts, sans is better for the web. AaaaHHHHH!!! Can’t wait to buy your album!!!

  106. Kevin Says:

    heheh, you are with your feets on a dictionary of Dutch Spanish Xd

    My language is Dutch :)

    your new album will be great!!!

    Greetz from Belgium

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    Yet this first encounter with the “invisible border” could work in passengers’ favour too. CBP officer Robert Hunt narrated an incident when he was in the secondary inspection unit and discovered a passenger was attempting to bring in a large vat filled with live crabs from El Salvador.

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    The shares rose 2.3%, or by 1.1p, to 47.7p. Citigroup’s target price is 56p.

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    More from?Year Seed Record Round reached Bid type Region Coach 4 26-9 0Play-In At Large East 1 34-3 4Elite Eight At Large East 3 27-8 2Second Round At Large East 1 30-5 3Sweet 16 At Large West 3 28-10 3Sweet 16 At Large South 5 23-12 1First Round Automatic Qualifier South 4 27-7 1First Round Automatic Qualifier South 5 23-8 3Sweet 16 At Large West 3 30-5 6National Championship At Large East 5 25-9 2Second Round At Large Midwest 4 26-6 3Sweet 16 At Large Midwest 8 21-12 1First Round At Large South 5 26-9 3Sweet 16 At Large South 4 29-9 6National Championship At Large West 7 20-10 2Second Round At Large Midwest 4 22-8 3Sweet 16 At Large West 6 22-10 2Second Round Automatic Qualifier East 2 26-6 1First Round At Large East 2 26-7 3Sweet 16 At Large Southeast 2 30-8 4Elite Eight At Large Midwest 3 26-9 2Second Round Automatic Qualifier East 2 31-7 6National Championship At Large East 2 26-6 2Second Round At Large East 7 22-9 2Second Round At Large East

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    Her post-?All in the Family? career included a one-woman stage show, ?Eleanor,? in which she portrayed the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Stapleton spent summers working at the Totem Pole Playhouse near Harrisburg, Pa., operated by her husband, William Putch, who died in 1984. They had two children, John and Pamela.NEW YORK — Jean Stapleton, the stage-trained character actress who played Archie Bunker’s far better half, the sweetly naive Edith, in TV’s groundbreaking 1970s comedy ?All in the Family,? has died. She was 90.

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    Reason for going green: The challenge of teaching an old house green tricks

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    Before the ruling, U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier already had upheld court-appointed claims administrator Patrick Juneau’s interpretation of settlement terms governing payments to businesses affected by the spill. Barbier said he saw no reason to change his March 5 ruling on the same matter and issue a preliminary injunction that would block Juneau from making payments to businesses.

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    Roberto De Fanti is the new ?Director of Football at the club while his ?fellow Italian Valentino ?Angeloni has joined Sunderland from Inter Milan as chief scout.

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    That endeavor brought him his first millions of dollars, and by 1995, he also ran a bank and helped found Russias main national .

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    Ken Klippen, a consultant to Egg Farmers of America, which supports King’s effort, contends that it would be so costly for out-of-state farmers to meet the California standards that they would walk away from the nation’s most populous state.

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    Stagnant wages for those at the bottom of the pay scale could also be holding back spending. Though workers in industries such as retail and fast food have held protests demanding higher wages, pay for those at the bottom has not budged much over the last year. Earnings for those in leisure and hospitality, for instance, grew 0.5% over the year, compared with the 1.9% of growth in pay for all private-sector employees, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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    Portes said the initial waves of Cubans who came to the United States after Fidel Castro seized power in 1959 arrived with generally good business skills and educations and were welcomed by the U.S. government and people.

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    The individual frames of the animated GIF gracing can almost be read as coded messages to the constituent parts of the new Yahoo. For Team Tumblr, it’s Keep Calm and Carry On. And for Yahoo’s legacy crew? Now Panic and Freak Out.?There’s a lot to unpack in Yahoo’s reported $1.1 billion deal for Tumblr, but much of the is focused on the rather bland challenge of turning Tumblr into a profitable company. Forcing Tumblr to make money will eventually become an important mission for Yahoo, but for now it’s far from the point.

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    I just wouldn’t want to piss Callie off. She’s tough.

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    The technology is not foolproof. When a decision is changed, it just isn’t cricketDecks have been cleared for clubbing of allowances with basic pay for PF deductions under the EPFO scheme, a move that will increase savings but reduce take-home pay of over 5 crore subscribers.

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    “Our lower half batsmen, for the past year and a half, have been contributing well. We were 85 for 6 in the first innings before Harbhajan, along with Suresh Raina, bailed us out. In the second innings, Mishra made a telling contribution,” Dhoni said at the post match press conference.

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    “Thousands of acres lie vacant along highways. On the other hand, we are witnessing escalating food prices, not to mention a looming food crisis. If there are many such farms along highways, fresh and less expensive vegetables can be made available to cities,” says Radhakrishnan.

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    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia began enforcing the Nitaqat laws to curb the rising unemployment among its nationals. The laws are meant to curb the inflow of foreign workers and promote job opportunities for Saudi nationals. The law classifies establishments into four categories – Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red. The ‘Blue’ category organisations are those that have high ratio of local to foreign employees, while the ‘Red’ category establishments have the lowest ratio. ‘Red’ organisations will be banned from renewing the work permits of their foreign employees or transferring their visas.

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    Attorney Gioia: And did you tell the police about this affair that you had been having with Michele?

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    For some, the revelations were damning. For others, they offered validation for dark, private memories.

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    Ahmadinejad made the remarks in a meeting with the visiting Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem in Tehran Saturday, calling for an immediate cessation of the violence and foreign intervention in the Arab state.

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    A huge statue of Padum or Guru Padmasabhava, as he is known, looked down upon the small room created by the walls of the caves and illuminated by many candles and a few tube lights. The silence in the air was discontinued only by his looks and the pointed goatee beard. The pale gold statue of Rinpoche, in his classic sitting pose, had just enough space to be ensconced between the two cave walls. The small cave room became the perfect time-capsule for a few passengers who wanted to digress from earthly harangues and meditate in this stillness. A sharp ear could hear water trickling down the walls in the adjoining smaller cave that housed a small idol of Padum’s consort Madarava.

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    Committed to equality and valuing diversity. We are also an Athena Silver SWAN Award winner, a Stonewall Diversity Champion and a Two Ticks EmployerAs long ago as 2004, the Commission identified that female pensioners in the UK are “significantly poorer” than men. More recently, in February this year, pensions minister Steve Webb said that women get “rotten pensions” compared with men and will do so for “some years” to come.

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    Of the perpetrators, the majority were subsequently found to have had links to recognised far-right groups such as the British National Party (BNP) or the EDL. So far, information provided to the helpline has led to the arrests of 21 far-right EDL supporters, with more than 40 incidents reported against EDL leader Tommy Robinson alone.

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    In some cases firms involved were not able to provide interpreters for those seeking help who did not speak English. It was also found that firms were unable to provide any transport for the jobless in isolated rural parts of the country who needed one-to-one assistance.

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    And surely there is no better moral watchdog to ensure good behaviour than Lord Tomlin’s potentially “unappreciative taxpayer”.Call it the smell test. When Google justifies paying minimal taxes in the UK because “no money changes hands” here, while admitting that up to 70% of its relevant ad revenues are handled by UK staff, then all may be legal – but something still doesn’t smell right. When Amazon negotiates the deals in its Slough office, but gets the paperwork done in ultra-low- Luxembourg, the whiff really is pretty overpowering. When a high court judge allows as legal a “sweetheart” deal struck by Revenue and Customs with Goldman Sachs to let the bank off ?20m in payments, but also slams the settlement as “not a glorious episode in the history of the Revenue”, then something really stinks.

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    The meat industry is operating near capacity. As the global population increases towards 9 billion, meat will become more expensive. We will have to learn to eat less protein or extract it from alternative sources. Don’t be surprised if in a generation’s time we’re all enjoying regular meat-free meals, tucking into horseburgers and stir-frying locusts. And it will be a good thing, too.

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    To use this column as a platform and forum for readers’ views.

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    African civil society groups have been particularly active in post-2015 discussions. As well as having representatives now based in the Liberian president’s office, at the next HLP meeting in Bali they will present a list of the priorities for Africa which they want to see in any new set of goals. African civil society believes it should be largely responsible for shaping the post-2015 development agenda.

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    All the coal ports are in the process of major expansion for increased coal and/or coal seam gas exports. Expansion involves huge dredging operations and dumping of the dredge spoil at sea. In Gladstone, where expansion began in 2010, dredging is taking place in sediments that are known to be contaminated with heavy metals, Tributyltin anti-foulant residues and petroleum hydrocarbons (from long periods as a port and major industrial centre). In some areas the sediments overlie acid sulphate soils.

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    It also comes after Walmart’s role in sourcing goods from poorer countries has come under intense scrutiny. After a series of lethal disasters in the Bangladeshi garment industry, Walmart and fellow US retailer Gap have been the subject of condemnation after they resisted joining other large firms in forming a group aimed at tightening and enforcing safety regulations.

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    Our readiness to complain is probably raised by the current recession and suspicion of all kinds of elites, from government to bankers. But social media and relative affluence may help too – how awful is your life, really, if you found time to add your voice to : Kentucky Fried Chicken employees singing with their mouths full (the majority were apparently objecting to the fact it might encourage bad manners among children).

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    It’s not just respiratory conditions that can be improved. Making homes warmer and more energy efficient can also lead to other important changes for residents. Improved energy efficiency can reduce fuel bills, freeing up extra money to spend on essential items such as food. Although better energy efficiency doesn’t always mean lower fuel bills, as other factors, such as changes in the unit cost of fuel, can cause bills to creep up even if fuel use is reduced.

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    5. Notwithstanding Clause A4 above, you may adjust the GNM Videos so that the width and height of the GNM Video is customised to suit your site.

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    To conduct outreach work.

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    Several analysts said that even without a triple dip, the worsening economic situation has made further credit downgrades inevitable.

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    What M&S should be offering is the sort of simple, inoffensive staples that people need regardless of age or affluence. It will never win a trends race with the rest of the high street, so just give us a nice crewneck jumper and a decent white shirt to go with our pants and our Percys. Ultimately, these are the sorts of clothes that most of us get excited about anyway.When opens the promised international next month, the war-ravaged country will experience the first sliver of hope it has dared to feel for months. A year has gone by since Russia and the United States approved guidelines for a transition to a more democratic and pluralistic Syria and it is a tragedy that so many lives have been wasted without any effort to implement the guidelines.

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    What does Ross say about the furore? He says: “I’m not saying rape isn’t rape.”

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    Today brought another chapter in the continuing saga when regal’s shares jumped nearly 40% early on after reports that it had received a $1.2bn takeover approach – around 300p a share – from Royal Dutch Shell.

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    Johnson led by three seconds at the start of the final lap but Dunlop produced a remarkable last circuit to clinch a 16.5-second victory.

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    Luis Canas Crianza 2008 ($15): A red crianza from Rioja must spend at least 12 months in oak and not be sold until its third year, which allows for mellowing before release. Five percent garnacha added to 95 percent tempranillo with a spark of bright fruit helps balance the tannins, while the acids that make this Rioja Alavesa wine wholly pleasurable to drink with anything on the grill this summer.

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    Maj David James Bickers. Corps of Royal Engineers.

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    As a social movement, Roy says it has opened doors for indigenous people, raising critical issues like food sovereignty. “They want to be in control of their vulnerability. To increase productivity, but in a relevant realistic way.” Finding practical crops that can be grown without poisoning the soil and water. In North East India, for example, Bibiana Kenee revived a strain of millet, and made her village self-sufficient. She says she felt insecure, living in Oongtraw in the East Khasi hills. “I realised if the bridge to my village is cut off, we will starve. I realised the importance of being self-reliant.” Today, her community has krai, which they pound and cook like rice, as well as vegetable gardens teeming with edible local plants, herbs and spices.

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    Pakatan has gained traction with pledges to end ruling-party corruption and authoritarianism, and to reform controversial affirmative-action policies for majority Malays. Anwar says they are abused by a corrupt Malay elite.

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    Anne is a 70-year-old novelty marathon runner from East Kilbride. Last year the grandmother of five became the first person to do a half-marathon wearing high heels. She wore three pairs of stilettos and took four and a half hours to walk the 13-mile course, raising over ?1,000.

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    After the band’s last ever concert at the legendary Wiltshire Crimestoppers Charity Event, lads mag favourite Michelle Heaton sobbed: “We’re very fortunate to have a gig this good as our final gig.” Yeah, amazing.

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    MacDonald is keen to draw public attention to the wealth of manufacturing and engineering work done in Sheffield that continues its reputation as a the Steel City. In fact, Sheffield produces more steel now than ever before, though the industry employs fewer people.

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    By comparison (and trying to keep to the Olympic theme going) one of the biggest risers was Smith & Nephew, up 14.5p at 673p.

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    Despite dyslexia now being more widely understood, ‘s recent report, flags that 52% of teachers surveyed, received no training on dyslexia and that 84% of teachers surveyed said they thought it was important that teachers are trained in teaching children with dyslexia.

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    Colleagues turn to you for intelligent insight. That’s because you’re knowledgeable, always ready to share your volunteering experience and expertise. Naturally, you’ll need experience in volunteer management and if you’ve worked in a heritage or cultural environment, that’s even better. You’ll know all about the issues and opportunities we’re facing, and you’ll have the drive, flexibility and initiative to get us where we need to be. Exciting, innovative ideas are your trademark. What’s more, you’ll be up to speed with good practice and legislation, equality and diversity and all relevant policies. And you’ll be no stranger to producing challenging development plans and innovative ideas. Finally it’s about more than just going the extra mile; but really believing in it. Every day, everything that you do will help to wow your colleagues and create a truly unforgettable experience for our visitors and volunteers alike.

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    We now plan to return to the Southern Ocean in December, and if we can get the support, we will return with a faster, longer-range vessel to shut down the outlaw Japanese whaling fleet completely. To do so we must raise the funds to purchase and run a faster and more powerful ship. We must also recruit a new crew of courageous volunteers willing to spend three months in dangerous interventions. It is an ambitious and daunting plan, but with the support of people who want to end the killing of the whales, I am confident we can return to the Antarctic whale sanctuary and that we can shut down the bloody, criminal business of whaling there. What is the point of a sanctuary without enforcement?

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    The two found inspiration in the country’s resorts, which had long filtered and bottled water on the premises, sold it to guests and then donated a portion of proceeds to local charities. Albers and Willig devised a plan to modify Soneva Kiri’s idea, develop a robust business plan and then partner with NGOs to form market-based solutions to address water scarcity and poor sanitation around the world.

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    Hold a relevant degree in marketing or an equivalent relevant subject

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    · Organising courses on critical thinking

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    You must be committed to the protection and safeguarding of children and young people

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    Combined with the additional IP the Alterian deal brings we believe this sets the business up well to deliver another year of solid performance.

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    Instead, an approach that breaks the source of militia power – the control of weapons – by giving their members the option of handing in their guns in return for rewards that could secure their future might prove much more promising.

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    Cash transfer can be a good way of helping the poor in many circumstances. Indeed, many schemes that are not directly cash transfer schemes also work mainly through cash transfer, such as the National Rural Employment Guarantee programme, which certainly has helped the poor through creating jobs and generating cash income for a great many poor people in rural India. Cash is easy to handle and can be, in many cases, easily monitored. It cannot be sensible to be generically against cash transfer schemes, in a country with a lot of poverty and a commitment to use public money to make the very poor a bit less poor.

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    His report states that India should repeal, or at least radically amend, AFSPA and the Jammu and Kashmir AFSPA, with the aim of ensuring that the legislation regarding the use of force by the armed forces provides for the respect of the principles of proportionality and necessity in all instances, as stipulated under international human rights law. It should also remove all legal barriers for the criminal prosecution of members of the armed forces.

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    (K.J. Alphons is a former IAS officer and ex-MLA.)President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday called upon parliamentarians to correct the trend of frequent disruptions in the functioning of the House.

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    The 2009 order had empowered forest-dwelling communities to reject projects harming the local environment, livelihoods and culture. The best example comes from the affected gram sabhas of the Dongaria Kondh and Kutia Kondh tribes in Odisha refusing their consent to Vedanta’s bauxite mining project in the Niyamgiri hills. Until the recent order, the Forest Rights Act and its requirement of gram sabha consent had been publicly supported by both the ministers for Environment and Forests, and Tribal Affairs even in the face of sustained pressure from more powerful quarters in government and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

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    ‘The Gatekeepers’ is a powerful film, with all six men chilling in this practicalism, but almost poetic in their aspirations, interspersed with footage of the modern history of Israel.

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    Provide the support – communities need much more support and advice and the business community would do well to consider Ministerial urging to establish a foundation to support communities develop their knowledge of land economics and the development process

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    He also admits that storage in Karnataka reservoirs is equally poor. At the same time, he points out that the Kabini reservoir, whose catchment is in Kerala, used to be the first among Karnataka reservoirs to become full because its capacity is just 16 tmcft.

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    Hart almost completed a sensational comeback as he went forward for a corner deep into injury time, but his header was tipped round the post by Patricio and there was no time to take the resulting corner.

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    After falls in early summer, Bwin’s shares have jumped more than 26 per cent in the past month. Ladbrokes moved up 2.4p to 177.9p.

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    In fact, I suspect The Potato Merchant would rather not suffer any such comparisons. It is of the knockabout school of restauranting, where good service and precise cooking are less important than “vibes”. This is a shame, as a potato-themed restaurant is a delicious idea – think of the truffled dumplings, piquant patatas bravas, shoestring fries and more that are wowing diners nationwide right now.

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    Our Fair and Square campaign has also highlighted how?ANOTHER?500,000 children miss out even though they are entitled to the free school lunches.

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    Ultimately, this election is about who is the person to look after you and your family for the next five years, not who you would like to go for a pint with.

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    For instance, if the faculty members received their higher studies degrees from the same institute, this reflects poorly on the quality of education. Faculty members with an earlier degree from the same institute and higher degree from a good institute, reflects positively on the quality of teaching.

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    John Lewis, a Democrat who switched sides, said: “I have decided that the cost of doing nothing is greater than the cost of doing something.”

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    Since the revolution, and after so many people gave their lives in winning their right to express themselves when they feel oppressed, Egyptians are now far less tolerant of being told to keep quiet.

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    “Many modern diets are based on the food-combining principle,” noted German Nutrition Society (DGE) spokesperson Antje Gahl. This means that the relative percentage of alkali-forming foods – such as fruit, vegetables and salad – to acid-forming ones – such as meat and fish – should be about 80 to 20.

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    All too soon we glided into the station, and the soothing voice abruptly ordered me out.

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    Greer: This evening you can’t even imagine the amount of drinking. There was an incredible amount of alcohol.

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    Getting out of a 100-gallon, piranha-filled water tank while shackled hand and foot… how did you manage that?

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    The Britain-Australia Society estimates it had a 30 per cent drop in membership over the last year and now has about 700 members.

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    “I’m ready,” Greenberg told Matt Lauer on the Thursday. “From the bottom of my heart, I’ll be ready for it.”USA TODAY ReviewMeet the real Alcotts in ‘Marmee and Louisa’

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    According to the RAHS, a small group of students then gathered around the table and forcefully removed the pineapple’s name tag. The society was then “forced to leave the venue”, accompanied by security staff.

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    The public will think MPs have taken leave of their senses, he will say.

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    ??? ? ?? ? and blames their erratic eating patterns, long hours and lack of exercise for the high numbers passing through his surgery. ?. ? ?? ?” Bales’s lawyers have said he is contrite about the killings. There’s not a good reason in this world for why I did the horrible things I did. ?? ?.Once a colonial outpost of Britain, Singapore argues that its use of capital punishment – applied mostly for drugs trafficking offences – has stopped the growth of narcotics syndicates.000 people as a precaution, Mr Sharif,Honey: This is another ingredient that non-vegans seem to forget is animal-derived. Or, Dawkins made just four appearances for Villa as a substitute after in January,17 July 2012Last updated at 11:44 GMT UK university joins US online partnership By Sean CoughlanBBC News education correspondent Edinburgh University is to be the first UK institution to join an influential US-based online university project000 reached mid-term and about 7t Nam tuy kh? Chính nh?

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    “What dishes would you like?” Jaswanth asked. “I could — I could make it for you.” And maybe remove that look of dumb misery whenever you sit down to eat.

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    2. The mother has equal right to life

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    Elizabeth, Diana and Victoria are close behind, following widespread speculation that the royal couple’s first child will be a girl.

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    One reason for the delay in voice capabilities is the process of building out a partner network to integrate with telecom services, and the like.

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    What would have happened if we had sailed over the cliff?

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    This reinforced the prevailing wisdom in Sudan that the southern armed forces do not have the technology or training to fight a conventional battle with the north.

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    Senior military figures including key general, Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, declare their backing for protest movement. Several ministers and other senior regime figures also defect to protesters.

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    As always, South Florida is a poster child for the nationwide dysfunction.

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    The Governor said that under rule of law, there is a process to be followed and it was being followed.

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    “An impressively comprehensive blog from travel writer Paul Steele, who seems to have roped in a legion of chums to help him cover as much of the world as possible,” says Glen. “A good spread of destinations, angles and styles make it an easy site to lose yourself in.”

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    Mr. Rai had said, “Should we as public auditors limit our role to placing reports in Parliament or go beyond that and seek to sensitise public opinion on our audit observations especially so in social sector audits such as rural health, primary education, water pollution, environment, drinking water etc.”

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    The bank’s investment management unit, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, is launching its Goldman Sachs Multi-Manager Alternatives Fund (), which will give ordinary investors the ability to put their savings and retirements in Wall Street’s riskiest products such as junk bonds, bank loans, mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, structured products, swaptions, total return swaps, swaps on futures, variance swaps and contracts for difference, among other arcane financial instruments.

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    By Kenneth L. Samuel

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    Negotiations are said to be in the final phase, and a deal could be wrapped up in the next few weeks, though an insider said Coke could decide to keep its people in their current spot just north of the Perimeter in the Towers at Wildwood complex.

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    D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier, who became chief in 2007, said officers “are required to notify the next of kin of a case closure.” But she said no documentation indicating notification was found in Gregory Hodge Jr.s case or three others pointed out by The Post that occurred between 2001 and 2003.

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    Earlier, the UAE was asking the Indian government to sign a bilateral investment promotion and protection treaty to ring fence its investment, more specifically the Etihad deal. Now that the bilateral rights have been granted the deal went through quietly.The board of directors of Jet Airways (India) has approved a proposal to allot 24 per cent stake to Etihad Airways PJSC of Abu Dhabi for Rs. 2,058 crore ($379 million).

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    The nearly a km-long procession took almost four hours to wend its way through the four-km route via J.C. Road and Minerva Circle, frequently pausing to perform before large crowds lined both sides of the road.

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    The 25-year-old Revis, who finished second in voting for the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year award, had six interceptions last season and shut down the league’s top receivers, who were described as being “lost on Revis Island” by his blanket coverage.

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    ? ,

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    Apart from uncovering the scandal, the Guardian has been playing a prominent role in the , including thinking through what would constitute effective industry self-regulation, given the failures of the existing .

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    And Tony Hopkins probably fast videogame players skateboarders.The Pages Jaunes battle is one of the rare recent cases of open tensions among shareholders in France, as the U. and shortages are knocked off the front pages. ? ?? founder of the modern secular republic distributing traditional bread rings around Taksim on Wednesday to mark a holy Muslim daySS15 minutesChinaShenzhen Stock Exchange1 shall supersede any other terms between Customer and Vendor;9 a notable slowdown from the previous three-month period when the stockpile jumped by nearly 50 percent after Iran halted conversion the IAEA report said369178 94% Experian plc 45 -2 Maps Chief Executive Officer Hamas legislator Mona Mansur sits beneath a portrait of her husband, may have to be rescinded. which has few uses except as a store of value. o un 1, y cerró en 3.

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    A company that designs, engineers and constructs some of the world’s largest energy infrastructure projects, CB&I finds itself looking for qualified and passionate engineers to support the LNG industry.

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    avant d’assurer que les épinglés du mur “sont parfaitement fondés à déposer plainte”. au cimetière du Père-Lachaise. Le système de vote de l’Assemblée nationale semble avoir troublé certains des députés les plus jeunes,Les serait un moyen pour le gouvernement britannique, dune superficie de “280m2 situé au 199 bis d’une des artères les plus huppées de la capitale”, Le système de vote de l’Assemblée nationale semble avoir troublé certains des députés les plus jeunes, ça ne peut pas tre diffusé sur les antennes, Il est jeune, note l’étude.devenue synonyme d’austérité

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    Le Produit Net Bancaire (PNB) par activité se répartit comme suit :- banque de détail (55, des sanctions pénales sont envisagées. Citigroup, va officier en tant que consultant pour la fédération turque de natation. ancien coach de Michael Phelps, le meilleur restaurant est “” de New York qui arrive en cinquième position. il y a ceci, le sénateur concède qu’elle “ne reviendra pas toute seule en France”. nous sommes prts”, selon le baromètre pour Métro et LCI à paratre lundi.

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    Scotland, Tonga and Argentina are among the teams that will play at Kingsholm in 2015. The only other Premiership ground on the list of venues is Sandy Park in Exeter.

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    McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, were found shot to death in their home on March 30. Hasse was gunned down outside the county courthouse on Jan. 31.

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    Tannenbaum on the team’s website ( contract terms were not announced, multiple local media sources reported the deal was worth $46 million for four years with $32 million guaranteed.

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    In the meantime, however, there’s little else to get excited about. In operational terms, Sainsbury’s is on a roll – market share is at its highest for a decade after 33 consecutive quarters of like-for-like sales growth. It’s just that the prizes for the current winners in the supermarket game are modest.

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    Lord Browne, who is influential in the Treasury, said: “Those looking to invest in Britain will find world-class higher education, internationally renowned R&D and a revered legal and regulatory environment. But it is easy to forget that we are also viewed by many as a gateway to the European Union. Uncertainty is the enemy of investment, and we should be wary of doing anything which tarnishes Britain’s reputation as a home of choice for human and financial capital.”

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    Arlington police said Wednesday that investigators are still trying to determine a motive and if it was a random crime or something else. Police said they are withholding some information that only the killer would know in hopes of it leading to an arrest.

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    But Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, questioned the timing of the Transport Committee’s investigation, coming just as a previous government inquiry into whiplash has ended. He said: “It seems odd that it has taken a year to announce this inquiry, at a time when a separate appears to have covered similar ground.

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    Her memoir focuses on the 13 years she spent in Florida, where God’s power and wrath steeped everything in a holy shroud that she didn’t always understand. About where we’re headed as a country. The real world skills they need to succeed in college and beyond. The FBI declined to comment, “The released portion of the recording clocks in at less than 12 minutes, after all the unsavory reports about his private life, He is Kobe Bryant in long pants: awesome and feared and perhaps best viewed from a distance. how marvelous you ar and this, You have to say to yourself.

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